Are you a woman over 50? Are you ready to ‘Make Friends With Yourself’?®

‘Make Friends with Yourself’® so that, starting today, you can create a life that is rich in love, meaning and purpose.

Fulfilling relationships are NOT a matter of luck!

If you are ready to ‘Make Friends With Yourself’® then take the first step

I was 56 when I first discovered the answer to ‘the chicken and the egg’ question: what comes first, loving or being loved? The answer is: being loved – but not by others, it’s loving ourselves that’s important or, in other words, becoming good friends with ourselves.

Why? Because our relationship with ourselves shapes all our other relationships. It is only when we’re friends with ourselves, when we like and trust ourselves that we’re able to develop genuinely equal relationship with others; we’re neither ‘less’ nor are we ‘more’.

But there’s more: experiencing love – giving and receiving it – is an important element of the all-embracing heading of happiness.

Creating loving and fulfilling relationships is not a matter of luck. When I finally understood this, I realised that I first had to become the person I wanted to attract and, best of all, I discovered how!

Why me?

My intense and varied life experiences, as well as appearing regularly on radio shows and as a speaker, make me uniquely qualified to show you how you too can develop rewarding relationships. As a life coach my insights and experiences enable me to develop a unique and powerful way to work with you.

What can I do for you at this stage in your life?

I can enable you to:

  • discover the one thing that will enable you to take control over your own life
  • figure out what your needs and wants really are and how to meet them
  • work out what really matters to you so your choices and actions are in harmony with your true desires
  • stop sabotaging yourself and discover what is really true for you
  • discover and accept the person you really are. You will become more compassionate, non-judgemental and patient – with yourself and others.

My journey to becoming The Life Enhancing Coach

I used to wonder why my life and relationships felt so unloving and unrewarding. I would ask myself, “why do people take me for granted, ignoring my needs and wants as if I were invisible?” But those weren’t the only questions I asked myself. The main one was, “why on earth do I allow it!?”

I knew there had to be another way; I just didn’t know what that other way was. Then I met Alan, the man who became my life coach. One of the first things he said to me was: “When YOU change, your whole life will change!”

Our journey together led me to drop the many masks I wore that I believed would make people like and accept me. It became a journey that brought me to the life I’m living today – feeling happy and fulfilled, doing work I love, with friendships that are open-hearted, loving and supportive.

Over time, I looked back and figured out how I came to be where I am today.

What I had done was, I made friends with myself, a process I call ‘Make Friends With Yourself’™ which covers a series of steps I call ‘Sue Plumtree’s 10 Life Enhancing Principles’™.

That’s when I finally realised that there is indeed another way to live and, best of all, my principles address the very issues that used to plague me.

Mine turned out to be a journey so profound that I feel compelled to share it with you.


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