Unhappy people cannot create a happy future!

Are you over 50?

Are you ready to be happy NOW?

Are you ready to create a future that is meaningful and rewarding – regardless of the circumstances?


It was as a woman over 50 that I first discovered what true happiness actually feels and looks like – starting with what happiness is NOT:  it’s NOT the feeling of excitement and joy you get when you get a promotion, fall in love or buy that car you always wanted.

True happiness is a solid state that remains steady – regardless of the circumstances.  It’s knowing you can handle whatever life sends you, that you’re a capable person and, most important of all, that you are in safe hands: YOURS!

You’re happy – deep down happy – when you really know yourself, warts and all, and still like and accept yourself.  You become happy when you start treating yourself patiently, gently and with compassion instead of constantly beating yourself up.

When I finally understood, I discovered that happy people attract happy people or, in other words, I first had to become the person I wanted to attract and, best of all, I discovered how!


It     Why me?

B     I have lived a life that is rich and varied, and that makes me uniquely qualified to show you how to create your happiest years yet! 

I can help if you want

  • more
  • different
  • better

What can life coaching do for me at this stage in my life?

Life coaching can enable you to:

  • figure out what your needs and wants really are and how to have them met,
  • work out what really matters to you so your choices and actions are in harmony with your true desires,
  • realise what is really true for you,
  • discover the one thing that will enable you to take control over your own life,
  • discover and accept the person you really are so you can become more compassionate, non-judgemental and patient – with yourself and others

My journey to becoming The Life Enhancing Coach

I had been trying to understand for a long time why my life and relationships felt so unloving, unrewarding and empty, why people treated me the way they did (taking me for granted, ignoring me and my needs and often treating me carelessly) and, what was even more important, why I allowed it!  I kept telling myself “there must be another way!” but I didn’t know what that ‘other way’ was.  That’s when I met Alan, the man who became my life coach.

One of the first things he said to me was:  “When YOU change, your whole life will change!”

Our work became a journey that took me through a process of identifying my many masks, the ones I presented to the world to make people like and accept me, perhaps even love me.

As a result, I identified the steps that led me to create the life I live today – doing work I’m passionate about and having relationships that are open-hearted, loving, supportive and generous.  Eventually, I codified those insights into a powerful new process – ‘The 10 Life Enhancing Principles’.  These principles not only inform my own life but also every aspect of my work.  I have finally realised that there is indeed another way to live and that my process addresses those very issues.

Mine was a journey towards becoming authentic, an experience so profound that I feel compelled to share it with you.

Free chemistry session

It’s not enough for me to know that I can help you; for us to work really well and productively together it is necessary for us to connect. For this reason I offer a free 30-minute chemistry session to help you identify your 3 main concerns and your 3 greatest desires. Please click here to book.


“… thanks to your gentle guidance I’m now living the greatest years of my life so far (I’m 63)…”  David Lewitt

... with your help I’ve been able to close the door on two very stressful and worrying years, and I have regained my momentum to get on with and enjoy my life…”  Roger S.

“You are fantastic at what you do!  I now know that anything is possible!”  Lynne C.

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