A new model for ageing

Ever since I decided to work with senior and professional people nearing retirement – who are dreading it, I started a process of my own around my own age – 67.  Although nothing in me fits any of the criteria as dictated by social norms such as appearance (I’m blessed […] Read more »

How to Stand Tall in The World

The one thing most of my clients have in common is a yearning to feel good about themselves, to feel confident and to like themselves. Lack of genuine self confidence permeates every aspect of our life. In the professional context it can determine having a thriving business or one that […] Read more »

What Does Confidence Really Mean?

Most people tend to believe that true confidence is something you have all the time. The other thing they often believe is that confidence is the same as having a positive self-image. A positive self-image can, however, get in the way of genuine confidence. Self image is how we see […] Read more »