Can You Make a Difference? (Part 1)

When I first came across this question many years ago my reaction was “No, I can’t. How could I? It’s just me and nothing I do will make any difference.”

But that was then and this is now. Now I know better.

The first time I realised I can make a difference was when I was doing tele-selling. I was feeling resentful that financial circumstances forced me to do a job I despised. I told myself I was meant for better things! Continue Reading…

Can You Make a Difference? (Part 2)

It was always important to me to make a difference in some way yet, more often than not, I just didn’t know how.

That’s when I met Helen. I had gone to a workshop in London and Helen and I happened to be sitting together. I had never felt particularly comfortable in large groups so I had developed a strategy over the breaks of ambling to the window and looking out, pretending to be fascinated by the view. Not this time, though. When the break was announced she turned to me and asked “would you like a glass of water?” Nothing earth shattering or particularly Continue Reading…