How your thinking shapes your life

Everybody knows the dangers of subconscious limiting beliefs. There are lots and lots of articles describing how our limiting beliefs keep us small, living mediocre lives, overwhelmed with self-doubt, harsh self-criticism and believing we don’t have what it takes to create something different. All of this is true. If you […] Read more »

Why does it matter if you love yourself?

Contrary to what many people believe, loving yourself is NOT self-indulging.   It is NOT a luxury.  On the contrary, it’s absolutely fundamental to our health, wellbeing and happiness. That’s because our relationship with ourselves determines the quality of all our other relationships.  Most relationships are UN-equal. Often, one person […] Read more »

Are you sure you know what happiness is?

I’m currently deeply immersed in the pursuit of happiness.  This exploration is not turning out the way I expected it to.   On reflection, that’s probably because, when I first started out on this journey I thought I knew the answer already.  OK, so that’s not exactly open minded.  But, as […] Read more »

Do you have a 'wait' problem?

Do you have a ‘wait’ problem?  No, I didn’t mis-spell it; I really mean ‘wait’ problem. This is what my friend asked me the other day a – a little tongue-in-cheek.  As I certainly don’t have a ‘weight’ problem I had no idea how to answer.  She smiled.  I frowned.  […] Read more »

Writing process blogging tour

My friend Beverley Glick, The Story Archaeologist,  invited me to join her on a writer’s blogging tour.  The idea is that writers answer four questions about their writing process and then hand on to two more writers who do the same thereby creating an ever-increasing inter-linked chain of writers! So here […] Read more »

How to accept yourself

My own journey towards self-acceptance was littered with self-deceptions, struggles and resistances.  I would do whatever it took to avoid looking at myself.  Instead, my strategy was to deny (“it wasn’t me, guv!  It was them!”) and to play the blame game.  That was my loser’s way to wind my […] Read more »