What stops you from being true to yourself

A favourite refrain of my parents’ when I wanted to do something or other that didn’t meet with their approval was, “What will the neighbours say?” The idea that I had to make sure I did nothing that might Read more »

The beauty of power and how to get more of it

The idea that you can feel powerful doesn’t sit comfortably, especially if you are a woman. It’s a word most people usually associated with men. So when I suggest to a client that she’s more powerful than she imagines, the reaction is ambivalent. That changes when I go on to […] Read more »

The Legacy of Yang-May Ooi – ‘Bound Feet Blues’

Today I’m privileged to share with you the wisdom and the gift of a dear friend of mine, writer and performer, Yang-May Ooi. Aged 52, she’s is taking to the West End stage for the first time her personal story. Yang-May is an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author and acclaimed […] Read more »

Don’t you wish it were easier?

This is what I know: In order to keep learning and growing, we need to expand our comfort zone. Everybody knows that, right? But then I came across this article that suggests that stepping beyond our comfort zone can not only be hard work but it can also be very […] Read more »

Why mistakes can be a confidence-booster

There was a time when I believed that, if only I had no more problems, challenges, disappointments and setbacks, then I would be happy. Of course, that was never going to happen. Problems happen, setbacks happen, I make mistakes, life happens. That’s unavoidable and part of being human. It took […] Read more »

A new model for ageing

Ever since I decided to work with senior and professional people nearing retirement – who are dreading it, I started a process of my own around my own age – 67.  Although nothing in me fits any of the criteria as dictated by social norms such as appearance (I’m blessed […] Read more »

Am I Lying to Myself? – From Confusion to Clarity

I grew up believing that telling the truth is something we tell another person. But that’s only part of the story. In reality, the most important person we actually need to tell the truth to is – ourselves. We lie to ourselves all the time. In my younger days my […] Read more »

Why do I Love Cooking

Cooking has always been a hobby of mine but over the last few years I’ve noticed a difference in my attitude about what cooking actually means to me. One of the non-negotiable criteria that guided the choice of my home (the one that would make my heart beat faster) when […] Read more »