If you’d like to know how to change your environment, here’s how

Did you know that the quality of your environment – where you live, what you do, the friends you have, how you get on with your family, in short, your life and all your relationships – they all start in your head, with your thoughts. Your thoughts are a reflection […] Read more »

How appreciation can transform lives

Believe it or not, we have the power to make a huge difference in how people feel about themselves. In their wonderful book ‘How Full Is Your Bucket?’, Tom Rath and Don O. Clifton explain that, with each encounter, however brief, we can make people either feel good about themselves […] Read more »

There’s more to hugging than meets the eye

I love hugging! I know not everybody does but you might like to know that, at least this time, you can enjoy something that is really good for you – not like my favourite pain au chocolat or chocolate ice cream – delicious but sinful. Non-sexual touch has huge benefits: […] Read more »

How can one be authentically authentic?

I had been coached for some time when the subject of authenticity came up. The timing was good. As part of being coached I had begun to drop some of my many masks and was experimenting with telling people whatever felt true to me. It was really scary but I […] Read more »

What gets in the way of great relationships?

The key to great relationships starts with, as I know all too well, knowing, liking and trusting yourself. I know that’s easy to say but how do you know when you don’t?  The evidence is obvious, once you know where to look: You beat yourself up, you keep your feelings […] Read more »

How changing my story changed my life

Here’s a question: What story are you telling yourself about yourself? We have stories we tell ourselves about anything and everything – ourselves, other people and life in general. A personal favourite of mine is the ‘helpless’ story. This one is – or could have been – mine: “After 37 […] Read more »