What does the law of gravity and our comfort zone have in common?

We’re often being encouraged to expand our comfort zone – to push beyond it, to take risks. In other words ‘to feel the fear and do it anyway’. So, to answer the question ‘what does the law of gravity have in common with our comfort zone?’, both can sometimes feel […] Read more »

What to do when a financial crisis hits home

As a life coach I have all kinds of people coming to me but I noticed lately that I have begun to attract an increasing number of people in financial difficulties an area I’m familiar with, both personally and professionally. Some of my clients, for example, have heard rumours of […] Read more »

A new model for ageing

Ever since I decided to work with senior and professional people nearing retirement – who are dreading it, I started a process of my own around my own age – 67.  Although nothing in me fits any of the criteria as dictated by social norms such as appearance (I’m blessed […] Read more »