Is worry useful or useless? Here’s how to tell the difference

Here’s something I finally figured out: Worrying is a habit. A lot of it falls under the heading of ‘what if’. “What if I get made redundant?”, “what if (s/he) has an accident?”, “what if I’m delayed and I miss my flight?”, “what if the hospital tests show I have […] Read more »

Don’t you wish it were easier?

This is what I know: In order to keep learning and growing, we need to expand our comfort zone. Everybody knows that, right? But then I came across this article that suggests that stepping beyond our comfort zone can not only be hard work but it can also be very […] Read more »

What to do when a financial crisis hits home

As a life coach I have all kinds of people coming to me but I noticed lately that I have begun to attract an increasing number of people in financial difficulties an area I’m familiar with, both personally and professionally. Some of my clients, for example, have heard rumours of […] Read more »

Are you due to retire? If so, here's how NOT to do it

If you’re due to retire it is because you have chosen to do so.  However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience anxiety – what will it be like?  The uncertainty can be stressful and draining. In my conversations with people in the same situation I’m struck by how many suddenly […] Read more »

What does it mean to retire?

When I turned 60 I had to face the fact that I was heading towards retirement, something I had never even considered.  I probably was in denial and only came out of it because of a message from the HR department.  I had been in my job for the last […] Read more »

How to Transform Your Relationships

I was brought up to always be friendly, agreeable, charming and cheerful. My parents believed that my very survival depended on people liking me and being a people pleaser was, clearly, the way to be accepted, acceptable and liked. I grew up, got married and over the years I developed […] Read more »