Questions I would have liked to have been asked

I’ve recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Woman’s Hour, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

It is impossible, in the brief time, to cover more than the absolute minimum. But it left me wishing we’d had more time and print space to examine the things that, in my opinion, are really important: how did I get from feeling as if I were invisible in my marriage to today, where, now well into my sixties, I’m continually attracting loving and supportive relationships, and working as the Life Enhancing Coach which is deeply rewarding. Continue Reading…

What does it mean to trust?

I’ve come across some clients who comment that they don’t really trust their own judgement because they have made so many poor choices in the past.

These comments got me thinking about what it really means to trust.

My first reaction is that these clients have got one thing right, namely that it’s about trusting (or not trusting) themselves.  That’s certainly more than I can say about myself in the early days.  I tended to hand over decisions about what was best for me to just about everybody else.  I trusted their judgement more than I trusted my own.

But issues around self-trust go beyond Continue Reading…

What is self-confidence?

I’ve always been fascinated by people who are clearly self-confident.  How do you know when you meet a genuinely confident person?  What do you believe they’re like when no-one is looking?  I’ve come across a number of beliefs – or perhaps I should say ‘myths’ – that people hold about those they believe to be confident which used to include me:

They tend to take people at face value and they, therefore, also tend to believe that confident people have got it ‘all together’, that they don’t experience the fears and doubts that we all, on occasion, suffer from.

This is far from the truth.  Yet, there are a number of things that make self-confident people different:

When life throws them Continue Reading…