Why doing something pleasurable increases your energy levels

One of the most important things you can do for other people is to do enjoyable things for yourself, things that uplift you and give you pleasure. It won’t surprise you to hear that I get a lot of resistance when I suggest this. “I don’t have the time”, “I […] Read more »

Are you due to retire? If so, here's how NOT to do it

If you’re due to retire it is because you have chosen to do so.  However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience anxiety – what will it be like?  The uncertainty can be stressful and draining. In my conversations with people in the same situation I’m struck by how many suddenly […] Read more »

A new model for ageing

Ever since I decided to work with senior and professional people nearing retirement – who are dreading it, I started a process of my own around my own age – 67.  Although nothing in me fits any of the criteria as dictated by social norms such as appearance (I’m blessed […] Read more »