Working together

You can choose to work with me in one of two ways.

  • If Richmond in South West London is accessible to you then we can meet face-to-face.
  • With remote or international clients I use Skype or the telephone.

FREE ‘chemistry’ session

It’s not enough for me to know that I can help you. For us to work really well and productively together it’s necessary for us to connect. For this reason I offer a FREE 30-minute session to assess the chemistry between us. This will help you identify your 3 main concerns and your 3 greatest desires. Please click here to book.

‘Live Your Happiest Years Yet’

This is a 6-month programme.  We start with weekly 1 hour sessions for the first 4 weeks followed by one one-hour session every two weeks.  This programme includes additional sessions as and when necessary, at no extra cost.

The benefits of this programme include being able to

  • improve your relationships with yourself and others
  • make choices that are in harmony with your true values and beliefs
  • trust yourself to handle whatever life sends you
  • take control of your life
  • feel really good about yourself

Included in this programme is my Workbook. Its purpose is to provide you with detailed background information that puts our coaching work into context. It also provides you with additional questions for reflection and is intended to support you in-between our coaching sessions.

‘Live Your Happiest Years Yet’ costs £1,997

Working with me

When we work together you will:

  • discover how to create relationships and experiences that are nourishing and rewarding
  • learn to fully accept yourself and others
  • learn to trust yourself.

This is how you become more confident and at ease with yourself.

How I inspire you

When I listen to you, you will know that you are being heard, understood and totally accepted.

I will ask you questions you may not have thought of before and I will challenge you when you send yourself mixed messages or get in your own way.

My role is to stand by you through thick and thin.  I’ll hold your dream even when you, temporarily, forget it.  This is my mission.

Click here to start creating your new life – today!


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